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Professor Bin Zhu Dr. Bin Zhu is the head of the Advanced Fuel Cell and Solar Cell group, which is a part of the Heat and Power Division of Department of Energy Technology in KTH. The group is well-known for innovative low temperature solid oxide fuel cell (300-600 oC), and leading EC-China multifunctional nanocomposites for advanced fuel cells (NANOCOFC) network, making active contributions to fuel cell field. The group has implemented externally granted projects in a total of ~1200 kEUR since 2009, including one Europe commission project and network.  Prof. Bin Zhu has dedicated himself to the research of novel energy conversion device for more than 20 years, and is a well-known expert in nanoscience, materials, and fuel cells field worldwide. Dr. Zhu’s research shows some world leading activities in energy conversion fields internationally. He is pioneer for development of nanocomposite materials for low temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. In recent years, the group has conducted a breakthrough research on electrolyte free fuel cell, which has been highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology and widely reviewed by media.