Copyright 2012.  All right reserved.

Copyright 2012.  All right reserved.

Hong Kong

A vibrant metropolis where East meets West and ancient meets modern, a holiday to Hong Kong will leave you with unique and unforgettable experiences. The junk boats of Aberdeen harbour contrast dramatically with the luxurious harbour front hotels. The jostle of Nathan Road whose stores are laden with high tech consumer goods are at odds with the island of Lantau where Buddhist monks have eschewed all possessions.

Full of energy and excitement, Hong Kong is a dining and gourmet paradise with over 11,000 restaurants and there is plenty to do for families too with Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park.  Hong Kong runs on adrenaline by day and night.  It is a buzzing modern city, built on culture and tradition.  Visitors will find its energy infectious.  Hong Kong is a fast-moving city.  It runs on the energy of around seven million citizens.  


The airport has been commercially operational since 1998, replacing the former Kai Tak Airport, and is an important regional trans-shipment centre, passenger hub and gateway for destinations in China (with 44 destinations) and the rest of Asia. The airport is currently the world's busiest cargo gateway and one of the world's busiest passenger airports.  Click here for further information on travelling to and from the Airport to City of Hong Kong.

Typical Climate in Hong Kong