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Professor Paulo Cesar De Morais CNPq-1A Research Fellowship, 2007 Master Research Prize from the University of Brasilia, 2008-member of the European ERA NET Nanoscience Committee, member of the IEEE-Magnetic Society Technical Committee, Senior Member of the IEEE Society, Guest Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2012 China’s 1000 Foreign Expert recipient, and 2012 Academic Excellence Award from Brazilian Professor’s Union. Professor Morais held a two-years (1987-1988) post-doc with Bell Communications Research – USA and received his Doctoral degree from Federal University of Minas Gerais – Brazil in Solid State Physics (1986). He graduated in both Physics and Chemistry at the University of Brasilia – Brazil. Professor Morais is member of the Brazilian Physical Society, Brazilian Research Materials Society, American Physical Society, American Chemical Society (Physical Chemistry Division), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - IEEE. He has served as referee for over 30 technical journals and has conducted research on nanomaterials in the past 30 years. He is known for his research on preparation, characterization and applications (industrial and biomedical) of magnetic nanoparticles and related materials systems (magnetic fluids, magnetoliposomes, magnetic nanoemulsions, and magnetic nanocomposites). He has published over 360 papers on indexed (ISI) technical journals and authored 15 patents. In recent years, Professor Morais presented over 100 invited talks worldwide. Currently, he acts as the coordinator and PI of several research projects (including three FP7 presently; two Marie Curie People and one Large), multi- and bilateral agreements with different countries (USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, China, South Africa). Currently, he supervises graduate students, undergraduate students and postdocs.